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Posted 6 June 2003. PMN Crop News.

EPA Approves UP-Cyde™ 2.5 EC Agricultural Insecticide

United Phosphorus, Inc.

Trenton, NJ (May 15, 2003) - The Environmental Protection Agency has approved UP-Cyde™ 2.5 EC Agricultural Insecticide for use in cotton, brassica, lettuce, bulb vegetables and pecans. The broad-spectrum cypermethrin insecticide, manufactured and distributed by United Phosphorus, Inc. (UPI), contains 30.6% active ingredient.

UP-Cyde is formulated to provide US growers a high-value, economic pest management option by one of the world’s largest producers of cypermethrin-based products. UP-Cyde is available through UPI’s channel-partners, which include most local farm chemical suppliers.