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Posted 10 March 2005. PMN Crop News.

First Seed Treatment Nematicide for Cotton Marks Big Advantages for Growers

AVICTA Complete Pak to offer complete early-season nematode, insect, disease protection

Syngenta Crop Protection.


Greensboro, NC (March 4, 2005) - With the recent approval of AVICTA™ seed treatment nematicide by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), cotton growers can look forward to a revolutionary way of managing early-season cotton pests. Available in time for the 2006 planting season, AVICTA Complete Pak, a customized blend of AVICTA, the new nematicide component, Cruiser® seed treatment insecticide and Dynasty® CST seed-delivered fungicide, will offer complete early-season nematode, insect and disease protection.

“The introduction of AVICTA Complete Pak offers a serious advance in cotton protection,” said Steve Russell, marketing crop manager for Syngenta Seed Treatment. “The convenient and highly effective on-the-seed combination of a nematicide, insecticide and fungicide covers all bases to protect yield potential and provides growers with innovative options for nematode control that is simple and easy. AVICTA Complete Pak delivers effective early-season pest protection, simplicity and ease of use for today’s cotton grower.”


AVICTA Complete Pak offers instant seed treatment protection from day one, promoting stronger stands and emergence, building the foundation for better yield and better return on investment. AVICTA Complete Pak protects cotton from all major early-season nematode species with much less hassle and handling than conventional methods used today, delivering outstanding convenience and planting efficiency. Professionally applied to the seed, AVICTA Complete Pak provides protection right from the start, helping eliminate any application timing uncertainty.

Cruiser, the insecticide component of AVICTA Complete Pak, is a systemic insecticide belonging to a subclass of neonicotinoids. Cruiser protects plants from a broad spectrum of seed, soil and foliar chewing and sucking insects, including thrips and aphids, to help get crops off to a healthy, vigorous start.

Dynasty CST, the fungicide component of AVICTA Complete Pak, contains three proven fungicides that deliver outstanding control of Fusarium, Pythium and pre- and post-emergent Rhizoctonia. As a premier seed-delivered fungicide for cotton, Dynasty CST results in better emergence, more uniform stands, better early-season vigor and higher yields.

AVICTA Complete Pak-treated seed may be ordered from an authorized seed dealer. For more information about AVICTA Complete Pak, contact your Syngenta Crop Protection or Seed Treatment representative, or ask your local cotton seed dealer for more details.


Jodie McClement