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Posted 30 September 2005. PMN Crop News.

Charter Fungicide Receives Registration in the U.S.

Cereal seed treatment controls key seed and soil-borne diseases

BASF Corporation

Research Triangle Park, NC (September 29, 2005 - With the registration of Charter™ fungicide, cereal growers in the United States have access to a new, leading-edge seed treatment technology that promotes healthier, higher yielding wheat and barley. Charter provides control of key diseases including fusariumin wheat and true loose smut in barley.

"Protection from seed and soil-borne diseases in cereals is critical," says Roy Lee Carter, Seed Treatment Business Manager, with BASF. "With Charter, cereal growers can control seedling blights caused by key pathogens." Charter is registered for control of key diseases in wheat (including durum) and barley (including malting and hulless). Specific diseases on the label include seed and soil-borne fusarium, true loose smut, false loose smut, covered smut, common bunt and, at the higher rate, suppression of seedling blight and common root rot.

The active ingredient in Charter, triticonazole, was developed specifically for the cereal seed treatment market and combines broad spectrum disease management with excellent seed safety.

A water-based seed treatment, Charter is a concentrated seed treatment formulation for use in commercial seed treating plants, with standard gravity flow or mist type treating equipment.

"Charter is an important new tool for growers as part of their ongoing efforts to control and manage diseases in cereal crops," says Carter. "The need to protect cereals from seed and soil-borne diseases is well established. With Charter, growers will help get their cereal crops off to a faster start and a stronger finish with more rigorous growth and development.".

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Kaye Iftner
BASF Corporation
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