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Posted 14 March 2005. PMN Crop News.

Domark® Fungicide Granted Section 18 Exemptions in 28 States

Valent U.S.A. Corporation

Walnut Creek, CA (March 11, 2005) – Domark® Fungicide, the top performing fungicide for both proven preventative and curative protection against the devastating losses of Asian soybean rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi), has now been granted Section 18 exemptions for use on soybeans in 28 states.

Domark Fungicide is now available for use in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin for the control of Asian soybean rust under a Section 18.

Domark has been used extensively by growers in Brazil and has shown superior activity in USDA trials in both South America and South Africa. Its proven performance and consistent control have made Domark the product of choice for soybean growers. Domark contains the triazole class of chemistry, which is currently used on 75 percent of all soybean acres treated in Brazil.

Domark is recognized as the premier fungicide and has a proven track record for superior control of Asian soybean rust,” said Jamie Nielson, Domark product manager. “Its unmatched control serves as a first line of defense to protect soybean investments and minimize yield losses from Asian soybean rust.”

With both preventative and curative activity on Asian soybean rust, Domark provides dual action to protect yields even under heavy disease pressure and help reduce the potential for future rust outbreaks. Not only does Domark keep soybeans from becoming infected, but it also stops the disease if it is already present in the field.

“Valent is excited to be able to offer growers a single product that gives them both preventative and curative activity on Asian soybean rust with extended residual control,” Nielson said.

Domark’s 230 ME (micro-emulsion) formulation is designed specifically to treat Asian soybean rust in the U.S. soybean crop. The product is quickly absorbed by the soybean leaf and evenly distributed throughout the plant to ensure fast-acting, long-lasting control. Domark can provide protection against Asian soybean rust for more than three weeks. Plus, it protects newly-emerging plant growth for 21 days or longer after treatment.

Nielson said that Domark will be submitted for full Section 3 registration from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for soybeans in 2005.

Domark joins a growing line of Soybean Solutions™ products from Valent U.S.A. Corporation including Valor® Herbicide, Select® Herbicide, Gangster® Herbicide, Cobra® Herbicide, Phoenix™ Herbicide and Resource® Herbicide.

Valent U.S.A. Corporation markets and sells herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, bio-insecticides, insect growth regulators, nematicides, baits and plant growth regulators for the agricultural, horticultural, turf, ornamental and professional pest control markets.

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