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Posted 27 September 2005. PMN Crop News.

Pioneer Adds Dynasty® Fungicide to Seed Treatment Lineup

Dynasty broadens scope of early-season seedling protection when combined with insecticide seed treatments

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

Des Moines, Iowa (September 22, 2005) – Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., is expanding its offering of early-season seed protection for 2006 with the new seed-applied Dynasty fungicide. The Dynasty fungicide, combined with Poncho 250 or Poncho 1250 insecticide seed treatments (IST), offers unbeatable convenience and efficacy against a wide range of early-season challenges.


"Any customer who orders Pioneer® brand hybrids with either level of Poncho insecticide will get seed-applied Dynasty fungicide as well," says Michael DeFelice, senior marketing manager for Pioneer Hi-Bred. "The combination of Poncho and Dynasty is the premium mix for early-season seedling protection. Growers should consider this combination as they adopt reduced-tillage systems and move up planting dates."

The treatment package of Dynasty fungicide includes the standard Maxim XL fungicide and a new seed treatment polymer that further improves seed plantability and reduces dust-off.

Dynasty was developed to be used as a co-fungicide with Maxim XL in combination with an insecticide seed treatment. According to the manufacturer, the combination supplies a higher level of activity on Fusarium and Pythium.

Defense against insects

Utilizing an IST is a key management tool in protecting seed investments from corn rootworm and secondary insects. With limited- or no-rescue treatments available, preparation can be vital in protecting corn seedlings.

Small plot tests and trials conducted the past five years by Pioneer have consistently shown the value of insecticide seed treatments, such as Poncho 250 and Poncho 1250.

"We've consistently seen an average increase of 7,000 to 8,000 plants per acre in corn treated with insecticide seed treatments versus untreated when wireworms have been present," says Murt McLeod, agronomy research manager for Pioneer. "More than four years of testing, has translated to an increase of approximately 21 bushels per acre in our research plots."

Poncho 250 provides early-season protection against wireworm, white grub, seed corn maggot, flea beetle, grape colaspis, chinch bug and black cutworm. The higher rate IST option, Poncho 1250, provides longer seasonal protection and targets additional pests, beyond those controlled by Poncho 250 - billbugs and corn rootworm (CRW).

"Where field history and geographic location indicate a low or moderate risk of CRW damage exists, one choice for growers is Poncho 1250 seed-applied insecticide," says McLeod. "A pre-applied seed treatment is one of the risk management tools in the toolbox. Utilizing seed treatments is economical, efficacious and helps protect a grower's investment in superior Pioneer genetics and trait technologies."

The new seed treatment combination with Dynasty is available in the United States across all Pioneer brand hybrids and maturities. For more information on which Pioneer hybrids and seed-applied protection best fits your operation, contact your local Pioneer professional.


Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

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