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Posted 4 March 2005. PMN Crop News.

Zeal™ Miticide Receives Registration in California and New York

Valent U.S.A. Corporation

Walnut Creek, CA (February 14, 2005) – Valent U.S.A. Corporation announced today that Zeal™ Miticide is now registered in California for control of spider mites and red mites on strawberries, pome fruit, non-bearing fruit and nut trees and cotton.

[Editor's Note: On March 4, 2005, Valent U.S.A. Corporation also announced that Zeal Miticide is now registered in New York for control of spider mites and red mites on strawberries, pome fruit and non-bearing fruit and nut trees.]

Offering breakthrough chemistry for long-lasting mite control, Zeal provides up to six weeks of residual activity. Its active ingredient extoxazole contains a unique mode of action that affects all stages of the mite life cycle. An ovicide and molting inhibitor, Zeal breaks the mite life cycle as it:

    ·  Sterilizes adults

    ·  Prevents eggs from hatching

    ·  Stops larva and nymph development on contact.

Zeal’s strengths are its unique mode of action and its ease on predatory mites, as well as beneficial insects, said Kelli Woodwick, Zeal brand manager.

“This new chemistry is really great news for growers,” said Woodwick. “It is highly effective and an excellent fit for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.”

Zeal also provides growers with the benefit of translaminar movement, so it moves through the leaf tissue to control mites where they feed. This ensures optimum coverage with less work for the grower, said Mike Ansolabehere, field market development specialist for Valent.

“Translaminar movement is imperative where good underleaf spray coverage is hard to get,” said Ansolabehere. “With both contact and translaminar activity, it is hard for mites to avoid Zeal.”

Zeal is not a restricted use chemical and has flexible application timing and low-use rates. With a short 12 hour restricted-entry interval and a one day pre-harvest interval in strawberries, Zeal is farm and worker friendly. Plus, it is available in a convenient water dispersible granule.

Zeal joins a growing line of quality products from Valent U.S.A. Corporation for California and Arizona crops including plant growth regulators, herbicides, insecticides, a nematicide and miticides. Valent’s product line includes leading brands such as Chateau®, Danitol®, DiPel®, Orthene®, Knack, Prism®, ProGibb®, Select® and ReTain®.

For more information about Zeal Miticide, Valent U.S.A. Corporation or Valent’s full product line, call 800-6-VALENT (682-5368), or visit the Valent Web site at


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