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Posted 25 October 2006. PMN Crop News.

F&N and B&C Tests to Become Plant Disease Management Reports

American Phytopathological Society.

St. Paul, Minnesota (October 9, 2006)--The next volumes of Fungicide and Nematicide Tests and Biological and Cultural Tests for Control of Plant Diseases will be merged into a new publication, Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR).


Former F&N Tests Editor-in-Chief, Dan Egel, Purdue University, will transition to the editorship of PDMR. He and former B&C Tests Editor-in-Chief Steve Bost, University of Tennessee, led the decision to combine the publications with the input of their editorial boards and approval of the APS Publications Board.

“The change results from the recognition of the largely overlapping set of authors and users of the former two publications who will benefit from having the interrelated reports available from a single source,” said Egel. “Now users can access both chemical and non-chemical means of plant disease control from a single, centralized source. The first 2007 volume of PDMR will cover the same gamut as B&C and F&N Tests in terms of crops, chemicals, and diseases. In addition, previous online volumes of B&C and F&N Tests will still be available through the new PDMR homepage.”

PDMR remains a premier publication of The American Phytopathological Society (APS),, but will henceforth be a part of and available exclusively to subscribers and partners of the PLANT MANAGEMENT NETWORK (PMN), all within one single price.

“With its focus on multidisciplinary, hands-on applied plant and agricultural science, PMN proves the perfect location for information on the effective control of plant diseases,” said Vince Morton, Director of the APS Office of Industry Relations. He added, “PMN provides a truly integrated resource for producers, crop advisers, extension workers, and industry field representatives, as well as researchers and students. It should be noted PMN also provides access to other field efficacy trials, including the Entomological Society of America’s Arthropod Management Tests and the Variety Trials sections of PMN’s journals Crop Management and Forage and Grazinglands.”

Each volume of PDMR will be published it two installments, allowing authors to submit reports twice throughout the year. Submissions to the first installment are due the Editor-in-Chief for review and approval by December 12, 2006. Publication charges are $50 per report and are payable with submission of the final approved report February 27, 2007. The submission date for the second installment will be in the late spring or early summer 2007. The exact date will be announced on the submission instructions webpage and in Phytopathology News. Instructions for submission preparation can be found at

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Dan Egel, PDMR Editor-in-Chief