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Posted 5 April 2006. PMN Crop News.

Alto Fungicide Receives Section 18 for Soybean Rust

Syngenta Crop Protection.


Greensboro, NC (April 3, 2006) – Syngenta Crop Protection announced today that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a Section 18 quarantine exemption registration for the use of Alto® fungicide, containing the active ingredient cyproconazole, in soybeans to control soybean rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi). The Section 18 Exemption for Alto allows growers to apply the fungicide to control soybean rust in Minnesota and South Dakota, the first of 19 states to receive approval after requesting a Section 18 Quarantine Exemption from EPA.

Alto, a new triazole tankmix partner for Quadris®, provides excellent curative control of soybean rust. During use in South America, cyproconazole has shown that its improved triazole chemistry controls soybean rust as well or better than currently used triazole fungicides. With rapid fungicide uptake and flexible application timing, Alto makes treatment fast and convenient.

“Soybean rust is a highly destructive pathogen,” said Dr. Marty Wiglesworth, technical fungicide brand manager with Syngenta Crop Protection. “In the case of a soybean rust outbreak, a grower can lose 60 to 80 percent of yield from early defoliation and poor pod-fill without a properly timed fungicide. Alto prevents yield loss, providing rust control with little chance of leaf burning.”

The powerful, crop safe triazole in Alto has been shown to control rust better than other triazoles. A combination of Quadris and Alto will provide the longest lasting residual disease control to protect against rust while enhancing soybean yields and quality.

“For the best protection against soybean rust, a tankmix of Quadris and Alto should be used as a preventive treatment,” recommends Wiglesworth. “Our research has shown that the first point a grower should consider a soybean rust fungicide spray would be at the R1/R2 stage should the risk for rust be high.”

By tank mixing the two products, growers will value the combination of the longest lasting residual disease control for soybean rust and the yield and quality benefits provided by Quadris.

Areas granted a Section 18 should contact their local retailers or Syngenta representatives for use rates, application timing and other product information.

More information about soybean rust is available from your local retailer, your local Syngenta sales representative, by calling 888-SOYRUST or at


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