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Posted 24 January 2007. PMN Crop News.

UC Farm Advisor Offers Book on Vegetable Diseases

University of California.

Davis, California (January 16, 2007)--A book by University of California Cooperative Extension plant pathology farm advisor Steven Koike titled “Vegetable Diseases: A Colour Handbook” is now available from Manson Publishing Ltd. in London.

The publication, co-authored by Peter Gladders of Cambridge, U.K., and Albert Paulus, plant pathologist emeritus of UC Riverside, focuses on diseases of field- and greenhouse-grown vegetable crops caused by pathogens. Chapters dealing with the general principles of the causes, diagnosis and control of vegetable crop diseases are followed by chapters organized by crop. Each disease entry includes an introduction to the disease, a detailed description of disease symptoms, information about the pathogen and disease development, and suggestions on how to manage the problem. High-quality color photos illustrate the book.

The 320-page publication contains technical information of interest to researchers, scientists, technicians and educators in plant pathology and agriculture, as well as practical, field-oriented information of use to farmers, field personnel and the agricultural industry.

Jeannette Warnert