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Posted 18 December 2007. PMN Crop News.

Contans WG fungicide for Sclerotinia Control to be Marketed by Advan LLC

Advan LLC.

Roswell, Georgia (December 3, 2007)--Advan LLC is granted the right to market Contans® WG, a fungicide for control of Sclerotinia in vegetable and field crops, in the U.S. by the manufacturer of Contans®, Prophyta Biologischer Pflanzenschutz GmbH of Poel, Germany.

Advan is a tactical marketing company that specializes in products that solve pest management problems in unique ways. Contans joins the company's extensive biorational product line. Dr. Peter Lüth, managing director of Prophyta GmbH, said, "We chose our marketing partner, because we are impressed with Advan's ability to successfully launch new products for both organic and traditional growers. We also believe that Contans® can be an effective tool in both agricultural systems."

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Sclerotinia minor affect more than 380 ornamental, field, vegetable and herb crops by causing stem rot in soybeans, white molds in a wide variety of vegetable crops and potatoes, lettuce drop, stem rot of tomatoes and potatoes, and head and stalk rot of sunflowers. The active ingredient in Contans® are fungal spores of Coniothyrium minitans, a parasite that attacks the resting state (sclerotia) of both S. sclerotiorum and S. minor.

The fungus C. minitans in Contans® attack Sclerotinia in the soil before it can infect a susceptible plant. Once applied as a pre-plant, planting or post-harvest treatment, C. minitans attacks and destroys the black sclerotial bodies, which are the resting survival structures of Sclertotinia. This breaks the "cycle of disease" by reducing or eliminating the disease-causing fungus from treated soil. Advan's Ag Area Manager for the Midwest Scott Peterson said, "Contans® doesn't just protect the plant, it reduces or eliminates the disease-causing pathogen from treated soil." Contans® is OMRI approved. Its water dispersible granular formulation is stable and easy-to-mix and apply through conventional spray equipment. It can be tank-mixed and applied with many herbicides.

Consult your local Advan representative for proper use rates. For more information about Contans, call Kurt Schwartau at 916 719 6176 or visit Headquartered in Roswell, GA and operated from Columbia, MD, Advan LLC supplies plant protection products that fill specialty niches in the U.S. and Mexico agricultural and horticultural markets.