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Posted 04 April 2007. PMN Crop News.

BASF Formally Applies Its Innovation to the U.S. Nursery & Greenhouse Markets


Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (March 26, 2007)--BASF Professional Turf & Ornamentals announced today its formal entry into the U.S. greenhouse and nursery market. For greenhouse and nursery growers, this means broader pesticide options to responsibly meet plant production challenges.

Building on its chemical innovations labeled for golf, lawn care, sod and sports turf markets, BASF now provides ornamental growers leading fungicides, herbicides and insecticides to help them be more competitive.

“Our initial portfolio effectively controls a broad variety of key nursery and greenhouse pests, especially diseases, that growers face,” said Dr. Toni Bucci, business manager for BASF Professional Turf and Ornamentals. “As a research-driven company, BASF has a strong product pipeline of new, proprietary chemicals as well as formulation expertise to maximize post-patent chemistries. Our U.S. market entry benefits all growing operations.”

Steve Larson, a veteran in the turf and ornamentals industry, is the newly appointed BASF national ornamentals account manager.

Current registered products in the nursery and greenhouse portfolio include the following:

• Insignia® fungicide – broad-spectrum strobilurin-class chemistry for key foliar and soil-borne diseases.

• Stature™ DM fungicide – novel mode of action for downy mildews & Phytophthora diseases.

• Cygnus™ fungicide – effective on powdery mildew, rust and scab diseases and fungal leaf spots.

• Iprodione Pro fungicide – cost-effectively controls key foliar and soil-borne diseases, including leaf spots, Botrytis blight, Rhizoctonia stem and root rot.

• Basagran® T/O herbicide – postemergent control of nutsedge and underground tubers.

• Pendulum™ 2G herbicide – cost-effective preemergent control of crabgrass, goosegrass, oxalis, henbit, spurge and nearly 40 other broadleaf and grassy species.

• Pendulum AquaCap™ herbicide – microencapsulated pendimethalin with virtually no odor and reduced staining for broadleaf and grassy species control.

• Amdro® Pro Fire Ant Bait insecticide – fire ant control approved by USDA-APHIS for quarantine treatments for certification of nursery stock.

Within the next two to three years, BASF expects to register three herbicides, two fungicides and one insecticide to build its ornamentals portfolio.

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