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Posted 6 October 2008. PMN Crop News.

Durivo Insecticide Receives U.S. Registration

Syngenta Crop Protection.

Greensboro, North Carolina (September 29, 2008)--Syngenta Crop Protection announced today Durivo™ insecticide has received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in vegetable crops, including leafy and fruiting vegetables, brassicas and cucurbits. State registrations or specific crop and/or pest uses may still be pending in certain states. Please check with your state regulatory agency to determine registration status.


Durivo is a systemic insecticide that employs two modes of action to protect vegetables from chewing and sucking insects as well as lepidopteran pests. When Durivo is applied through drip (trickle) chemigation, it is readily taken up by the roots of germinating seedlings or transplants and is rapidly translocated throughout the plant via the xylem to protect plants from the inside.

Durivo is an enhanced solution because it contains two modes of action, chlorantraniliprole (CTPR), a new mode of action from the diamide family of insecticides, and thiamethoxam, a member of the neonicotinoid class of chemistry.

“These two modes of action complement each other to control the toughest insects in vegetables, including a broad range of lepidopteran pests, as well as aphids, whiteflies and flea beetles,” said John Koenig, Syngenta insecticide brand manager. Koenig further explained, “The convenience of an all-in-one soil application and the breadth of its spectrum of control make Durivo a valuable tool for protecting early-season growth, and provides the ‘jump-start’ that vegetable crops need to ensure optimal yield, as well as the quality that today’s consumers demand.”

Koenig added that Durivo has been shown to enhance plant vigor. “Studies around the world have demonstrated that Durivo stimulates proteins that help plants grow bigger and stronger and help them better withstand stress from drought, disease and soil problems,” he explained. “That gets crops off to a healthy start and helps deliver a healthy return on investment.”

Important: Always read and follow label instructions before buying or using this product.

Durivo™ is a trademark and the Syngenta logo is a registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company.

Durivo is not currently registered for use or sale in all states. Please check with your state or local extension service prior to buying or using this product.