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Posted 18 July 2008. PMN Crop News.

The Entomological Foundation Announces the Pioneer Hi-Bred International Graduate Student Fellowship Program

Entomological Society of America
and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

Lanham, Maryland (July 18, 2008)--The Entomological Foundation announces the Pioneer Hi-Bred International Graduate Student Fellowship program to encourage an appreciation of the need for and the importance of the development and delivery of science-based solutions that make a difference in peopleís lives. The fellowship features a $12,500 stipend per year until completion of the graduate degree up to four-years. A fellowship will be awarded during the fall of 2008.


Funded by Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., a DuPont subsidiary, the fellowship program seeks to recognize outstanding leadership skills in students who are pursuing a career in research and management of insects impacting production of commodity crops. The stipend is designed to help ease the financial burdens associated with higher education, permitting the winner to dedicate more time to pursuing their academic goals.


The student selected for the Pioneer Hi-Bred International Graduate Student Fellowship must be either a graduate student at the time the fellowship is awarded or should be accepted into an accredited graduate program at the time the award is made. The student must attend a college or university in the United States and demonstrate excellence in the study of entomology or a related discipline. The studentís proposed research program must address a key insect or complex of insects that affect corn, soybean, canola or other significant commodity crop.

Applications are being accepted for the fellowship. Application packages must be postmarked by August 1, 2008. For application guidelines visit

The winner will be selected by September 1, 2008. For questions contact Melodie Dziduch, Entomological Foundation, 301-459-9082;

Melodie Dziduch
Entomological Foundation