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Posted 9 July 2008. PMN Crop News.

APS PRESS Announces New Phytophthora Identification Key

American Phytopathological Society.

St. Paul, Minnesota (June 25, 2008)--The genus Phytophthora, known as the “plant destroyer,” is one of the most important group of disease causing organisms. The new identification key, Phytophthora: Identifying Species by Morphology and DNA Fingerprints, enables diagnosticians and regulatory personnel as well as researchers to identify Phytophthora species with speed and confidence. There were only about 50 identified species when the last key was published in 1990, but now that species number is approaching 100. In addition, there have been tremendous efforts in search of a reliable, high-resolution molecular character for rapid identification. This book presents a new key, integrating the classical morphological approach and a new DNA fingerprinting technique called PCR-SSCP. The dichotomous key uses minimal morphological characters, followed by pictorial illustrations. The DNA fingerprint key uses only the rDNA-ITS region amplified with a single pair of primers; a detailed step-by-step fingerprinting protocol is provided.


Sixty of the important species and taxons are presented in the book. Also, the framework of the identification keys in the book will readily accept the introduction of additional species as they are studied and described. Each species is presented on its own two-page section that includes a description, PCR-SSCP fingerprint key, and illustrations for morphological characters. A total of 652 original photos are included to illustrate individual species covered as well as a partial list of other molecular characters used for description of new species and differentiation of existing species in recent years. This book will be an excellent resource for those who are interested in identifying Phytophthora species.

This book may be purchased for $79.00 plus S&H (USD) from The American Phytopathological Society. To order this book go to the APS PRESS online store at HUwww.shopapspress.orgUH or call toll-free 1.800.328.7560 USA/Canada or +1.651.454.7250 elsewhere.

Phytophthora: Identifying Species by Morphology and DNA Fingerprints includes the following chapters: Chapter 1: The Morphological Key - Appendixes: 1. General procedures for morphological identification, 2. Illustrations of definitive morphological characters, 3. Growth media and methods; Chapter 2: The DNA Fingerprint Key - Appendixes: 1. The PCR-SSCP protocol, 2. A partial list of other molecular fingerprinting techniques; Chapter 3: Morphological Characters and DNA Fingerprints of Individual Species - 60 important species and taxon, Appendix: Host, geographic origin, provider, and culture deposits of key isolates; Glossary; Literature Cited; and Index.

2008 APS PRESS; 8.5" x 11" softcover spiral bound; 168 pages; 130 black and white images; (2 pounds); ISBN 978-0-89054-364-1; Item No. 43641; $79

NOTE: Digital artwork of the book’s cover is available by contacting Ashley Armstrong at Please specify if the artwork will be used for print or electronic media.

Ashley Armstrong