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Posted 11 August 2008. PMN Crop News.

Croplife and BPIA Discuss Public Policy and Agricultural Demand Issues

CropLife and Biopesticide Industry

Washington, D.C. (July 28, 2008)--Leaders of CropLife America and the Biopesticides Industry Alliance (BPIA) met in D.C. this week to discuss current public policy and agricultural demand issues of common interest.


“We’re pleased to have had a long and positive working relationship between CropLife and BPIA, and the opportunity for our leadership to meet for a high level exchange of strategic issues and plans guarantees that we’ll be working even more closely in the future,” said Jay Vroom, President of CropLife.


The BPIA provided an in-depth presentation to the CropLife Strategic Oversight Council on Thursday, July 24th, about the Alliance’s activities since its founding in 2000, current top issue priorities and membership. BPIA Executive Director, Bill Stoneman, made the presentation. He was joined by longtime BPIA consultant, Amy Roberts of TSG, Inc.

The two organizations made particular note of their synergistic efforts that successfully resulted in the passage of the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act. Other issues of current and potential future collaboration between the two organizations discussed included:

• Resistance Management: both government regulation and the need to educate governors

• Promotion of Integrated Pest Management

• Regulatory Harmonization

• Importance of Minor Use Registration Programs

• Worker Protection

CropLife and BPIA share several member companies and a common interest in agricultural development through continued application of scientific research and clear and predictable registration.

Susan Helmick