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Posted 12 December 2008. PMN Crop News.

Spinetoram Products Receive Registration in New York

New active ingredient powers DELEGATE WG and RADIANT SC insecticides

Dow AgroSciences.

Indianapolis, Indiana (November 20, 2008)--The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation recently registered DELEGATE™ WG and RADIANT™ SC insecticides for use in New York state. These products contain the innovative active ingredient spinetoram from Dow AgroSciences.


“DELEGATE and RADIANT will be great new pest management tools for New York fruit and vegetable growers, respectively,” says Dr. Brian Olson, field scientist for Dow AgroSciences.

Spinetoram, registered under the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is an innovative insecticide that controls destructive arthropod pests in fruit and vegetable crops. It garnered the 2008 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award earlier this year, an honor presented by the EPA.

Spinetoram is a Group 5 insecticide with a unique mode of action that provides producers with an effective rotational partner for pest resistance programs. Benefits include long residual, short preharvest and re-entry intervals, low use rates and preservation of most beneficial insects through a targeted Integrated Pest Management program.

DELEGATE provides superior control of codling moth and Oriental fruit moth as well as broad-spectrum control of leafrollers, leafminers, pear psylla, grape berry moth and thrips. It also offers up to two weeks of residual activity in pome fruit, stone fruit, berries and grapes.

“DELEGATE is a very good fit in a resistance management program for first-generation codling moth,” says Dr. Larry Hull, professor of entomology at Penn State University. “It is one of the best products against these pests.”

RADIANT offers fast knockdown and broad-spectrum control of damaging pests in bulb, fruiting and leafy vegetables, and cole crops. Pests controlled include thrips, loopers, armyworms, leafminers and diamondback moth.

“The registration of RADIANT also will provide New York growers with an excellent product to use in a rotational insecticide management strategy for thrips,” says Dr. Brian Nault, associate professor of entomology at Cornell University.

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Amanda Powell