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Posted 15 September 2008. PMN Crop News.



Portland, Maine (September 5, 2008)--EnviroLogix Inc. has introduced an improved QuickTox Kit for Vomitoxin. Running in the same multi-level format as the earlier version, this mycotoxin test kit is now even faster, simpler and sharper. It is also GIPSA certified.


The new strip test offers a simplified testing process, fewer pipetting steps and sharper test lines for visual interpretation. QuickTox is designed to screen for vomitoxin (also known as DON) in grain and grain co-products at key industry thresholds – 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 ppm. The kit features tap water extraction with a short shake time, and requires no instrumentation.

“Building on the positive response we’ve received on the first version, the new kit improves the ability of grain handlers and processors to manage grain quality,” said Simon Varney, product manager. “In combination with other procedures, the new QuickTox Kit enables customers to quickly check whether field samples or grain deliveries meet required vomitoxin thresholds.”

EnviroLogix is the world's leading provider of rapid test kits for the detection of GMOs and mycotoxins in grain. Since the arrival of biotech-enhanced corn, the company has provided GMO test kits for identity-preservation programs and mycotoxin tests to ensure overall grain quality.

QuickTox for Vomitoxin features:

• Tap water extraction and less "shaking"

• Test results in 3-5 minutes

• Visual interpretation -- no reader required

• Affordable grain-quality management

• Industry-leading customer support

QuickTox for Vomitoxin is sold in kits of 50 strips, and includes all required accessories to run the tests. The catalog number for the product is AS-204-BG. Please be sure to follow the new instructions and to use the new accessories with the new kit!

Call 1-866-408-4597 and ask for John Chamberlain to place your orders today. For more information about rapid test kits, visit our web site:

John Chamberlain