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Posted 23 November 2009. PMN Crop News.

Actara, Platinum 75SG Insecticides Registered for Citrus in California

Effective against Asian citrus psyllid and other damaging citrus pests

Source: Syngenta Crop Protection Press Release.

Greensboro, North Carolina (November 3, 2009)--Syngenta today announced the registration of Actara and Platinum 75SG insecticides for use on all citrus in California. Both of these products contain thiamethoxam, a second generation neonicotinoid insecticide. Thiamethoxam has been shown to effectively control both Asian citrus psyllid and citrus leafminers, two insects that can contribute to the spread of citrus greening and citrus canker.


“We’re pleased to offer citrus growers in California two additional ways to control some of the most damaging pests in their industry,” said John Koenig, Syngenta insecticide brand manager. ”Platinum 75SG and Actara represent more options to control both Asian citrus psyllid and citrus leafminer, two pests that can potentially be devastating to citrus.”

Actara is a foliar insecticide for control of a broad range of sucking insect pests through both contact and ingestion. Additionally, the trans-stemic movement of thiamethoxam into the leaves forms a reservoir of active ingredient to supply long-lasting control of these damaging pests.

Alternatively, Platinum 75SG offers citrus growers a soil-applied option that controls citrus psyllid, leafminers and other pests. Applied as a drench application or as a banded treatment, Platinum 75SG rapidly moves systemically throughout the plant to provide long residual control – up to 60 days depending on the application rate.

“The introduction of Actara and Platinum 75SG to the California citrus industry does more than expand the Syngenta portfolio in citrus,” said Koenig. “It allows growers to incorporate trusted, proven products into their insect control programs. There’s no guessing with Actara and Platinum 75SG – trials show they work.”

Mary DeMers