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Posted 16 February 2009. PMN Crop News.

Agri-Mek Approved for Aerial Application in Florida Citrus

Syngenta Crop Protection-US.

Greensboro, North Carolina (February 6, 2009)--Syngenta Crop Protection announced today that the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has approved the revised federal label that allows for the aerial application of Agri-Mek® insecticide for leafminer control in Florida.


This label modification is intended to facilitate the timely application of Agri-Mek to newly emerging growth to control citrus leafminer as part of a comprehensive management strategy for citrus canker.

“We are glad that this revision is going to give citrus growers in Florida the flexibility they need to combat leafminers,” said Jeff Cecil, insecticide brand manager for Syngenta. “It is important because the presence of leafminers exacerbates citrus canker, which is a real threat to the industry.”

Agri-Mek, with the active ingredient abamectin,has long been the citrus industry standard for rust mite control, and now with the introduction and establishment of citrus canker, Agri-Mek has found new utility as a tool to aid in the successful management of citrus leafminer.

“Syngenta is committed to the development of new products as well as defending and expanding the labels of existing products that can provide tools for citrus growers,” added Cecil. “With canker being such a menace to the industry, we’re doing all we can to limit the severity of the disease’s impact.”

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