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Posted 1 April 2009. PMN Crop News.

Syngenta Seed Care Introduces First Seed Treatment Insecticide for Cucurbits

Syngenta Crop Protection-US.

Greensboro, North Carolina (March 25, 2009)--Syngenta Seed Care announced today that the first seed treatment insecticide for small-seeded vegetables has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use on cucurbits. This convenient new tool delivers targeted protection against early-season sucking and chewing insects and will be available as a component of the FarMore® Technology platform.


The insecticide component of FarMore Technology protects against early-season insects including aphids, cucumber beetles, flea beetles, leafminers, whiteflies, wireworms and seedcorn maggots. In addition to superior insect protection, the FarMore Technology platform also offers broad-spectrum, systemic and post-emergence disease protection against Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia. This combined insect and disease protection gets crops off to a healthy start and improves plant vigor which leads to more advanced crop development and superior performance, helping maximize yield and quality potential.

“Innovations such as the insecticide component of FarMore Technology are critical to our continued commitment to the small-seeded vegetable market,” said Chad Shelton, crop manager, Syngenta Seed Care. “Syngenta is at the leading edge of discovering new concepts in seed treatment for the small-seeded vegetable producer. This extension of the FarMore Technology platform complements the disease protection component which has already proven its effectiveness and value to growers across the country.”

Tom Harris, FarMore Technology marketing specialist, Syngenta Seed Care, said seed treated with FarMore Technology is available through licensed breeder producers and technology providers. “We are excited to offer growers an innovative product concept to protect high-value cucurbit crops from insects and diseases,” said Harris. “FarMore Technology comes on the seed for unmatched convenience, so if a grower wishes to try it, all he has to do is request it when he places his seed order.”

FarMore Technology is the first comprehensive and proprietary seed-delivered system that helps maximize vegetable production by enhancing performance and value. This seed protection system provides direct-seeded small-seeded vegetable growers with consistent performance and improved seed technology to enhance seedling emergence, plant stand establishment, early-season vigor and plant health, as well as protect yield potential. A continually evolving product platform, FarMore Technology is one of the latest in a long line of Syngenta innovations stemming from a commitment to invest in research and development. In 2008, Syngenta spent around $1 billion in research and development.

For more information about FarMore Technology, contact your Syngenta Crop Protection or Seed Care sales representative, or ask your local seed supplier for more details.

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Important: Always read and follow label instructions before buying or using these products. Syngenta Seed Care™ andFarMore® are registered trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company. FarMore Technology is a seed company or seed technology provider-applied proprietary combination of separately registered seed enhancement products.

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