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Posted 16 February 2009. PMN Crop News.

DELEGATE WG Insecticide Performs Well in New York Orchard Study

Product Excels Against Wide Spectrum of Internal Worms, Leafrollers

Dow AgroSciences.

Indianapolis, Indiana (February 10, 2009)--Newly released data showed DELEGATE™ WG insecticide displays superb efficacy against key apple pests, including first-generation codling moth, Oriental fruit moth (OFM) and oblique-banded leafroller (OBLR). The 2008 study was conducted in an apple orchard with high pest pressure in Ontario, N.Y.


“DELEGATE did a great job of protecting the fruit in this study,” says Jeff Alicandro, agricultural consultant for agr.assistance, who conducted the trial. “With DELEGATE, growers can be assured of excellent control of leafrollers and the whole range of internal worms.”

The post-harvest evaluation indicated only 2.6 percent of the fruit from trees treated with DELEGATE suffered injuries from internal worms. Conversely, almost 7 percent of fruit treated with Guthion insecticide suffered injuries, while 31 percent of apples from untreated trees suffered injuries.

Alicandro says those numbers are even more impressive when taking the field conditions into account. The study was conducted in an orchard that went untreated for four years — thus there was a very high pressure of codling moth, OFM and OBLR.

“We purposely created a situation with phenomenal pest pressure that wouldn’t normally occur in a commercial orchard,” Alicandro says. “The injuries in the block treated with DELEGATE would be dramatically less under normal conditions. In a commercial block, there likely would be no damage at all.”

The same study also measured DELEGATE™ WG insecticide’s efficacy against OBLR. The post-harvest evaluation showed just 0.9 percent of fruit treated with DELEGATE suffered injuries. In comparison, 4.9 percent of fruit from trees treated with Guthion suffered injuries while 9.5 percent of untreated fruit experienced injuries.

“Apples are affected by a wide range of pests,” Alicandro says. “DELEGATE, being a broad-spectrum insecticide, is going to help a lot of growers.”

DELEGATE was applied four times throughout the study on a two-week spray schedule at 5.2 ounces per acre. It was preceded by an Intrepid® 2F insecticide and Guthion application at petal fall and a Sevin carbaryl insecticide application for thinning.

“DELEGATE is designed to control a wide spectrum of pests,” says Brian Olson, field scientist for Dow AgroSciences. “The results of this study are exactly what we would expect from DELEGATE.”

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Guthion is a federally Restricted Use Pesticide. State restrictions apply on the sale and use of Intrepid 2F. Consult the label prior to purchase or use for full details. Always read and follow label directions.

Amanda Powell