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Posted 1 April 2009. PMN Crop News.

University of Florida Study Shows DELEGATE WG Insecticide Controls Key Citrus Pests

Product demonstrates excellent efficacy against Asian citrus psyllids and citrus leafminer

Dow AgroSciences LLC.

Indianapolis, Indiana (March 24, 2009)--Asian citrus psyllids and citrus leafminer are two of the most prevalent and damaging pests in Florida. A recent 2008 study showed that DELEGATE™ WG insecticide helps prevent either pest from harming citrus groves.


The study, conducted by the University of Florida (UF), measured the efficacy of numerous insecticides against Asian citrus psyllids and citrus leafminer.

“DELEGATE showed effective control of both pests in Florida citrus,” says Tony Weiss, field scientist for Dow AgroSciences. “It’s another tool for growers to use in their spray program to control the spread of Asian citrus psyllids and citrus leafminer.”

DELEGATE, applied at a rate of 4 ounces per acre, showed superb residual control in the study. Adult Asian citrus psyllids were not detected in trees treated with DELEGATE for more than 28 days following application. Similar results were seen in the control of Asian citrus psyllid nymphs. Trees treated with DELEGATE showed no signs of Asian citrus psyllid nymphs from 14 to 21 days after application.

“Based on the results of this study, growers should expect DELEGATE to control Asian citrus psyllid adults and nymphs from 14 to 21 days after application,” Weiss says.

In the 2008 UF study, DELEGATE™ WG insecticide was also one of the leading insecticides for control of citrus leafminer. Less than 5 percent of leaves treated with DELEGATE were damaged 7, 14 and 21 days after treatment, with no visible damage 14 days after treatment.

Asian citrus psyllids and citrus leafminer are dangerous pests for citrus growers because they are vectors for citrus greening and citrus canker, respectively. Dr. Thomas Spreen, professor in the food and resource economics department at UF, says greening can have a devastating effect on a tree.

“Citrus greening is the biggest problem facing growers right now,” says Spreen. “The crop loses all value once the greening spreads to the canopy. It’s very possible an entire grove could be lost if this disease goes untreated.”

Weiss agrees, saying the citrus industry in Florida may cease to exist if citrus greening keeps progressing. He also says DELEGATE can offer part of the solution.

“Growers can control citrus leafminer and multiple stages of Asian citrus psyllids with DELEGATE and feel confident about it,” says Weiss. “Asian citrus psyllids and citrus leafminer are both high-anxiety pests but DELEGATE can help eliminate that anxiety for growers.”

The active ingredient in DELEGATE™ WG insecticide, spinetoram, belongs to the unique Group 5 class of insecticides. It is the only Group 5 mode of action in citrus, making DELEGATE an excellent option in a rotation management program with other insecticides. Dow AgroSciences recommends not making more than two consecutive applications of a Group 5 insecticide.

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Brett Garrard