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Posted 6 January 2009. PMN Crop News.

Dow AgroSciences Introduces Low-odor LORSBAN Advanced Insecticide

Dow AgroSciences.

Indianapolis (January 6, 2009)--Dow AgroSciences recently received federal registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for new LORSBAN®Advanced insecticide. LORSBAN Advanced offers the same benefits of LORSBAN®-4E but uses innovative technology to produce a low-odor, water-based formulation.


“Dow AgroSciences is excited to offer an improvement on a trusted solution that growers have come to rely on,” says Brian Timmerman, product manager for LORSBAN Advanced.

“LORSBAN Advanced represents the end of a multi-year research and development process by Dow AgroSciences resulting in an innovative agricultural product,” Timmerman says. “It is a continuation of our commitment to providing novel solutions to pest problems both today and in the future.”

LORSBAN Advanced contains the active ingredient chlorpyrifos — the same as in LORSBAN-4E, one of the most widely used insecticides in agriculture. The new product will replace LORSBAN-4E in the marketplace in January 2009.

“Growers can use LORSBAN Advanced to control damaging crop pests in the same way they used LORSBAN-4E, with the added benefit of a lower odor,” says Sam Ferguson, field scientist for Dow AgroSciences.

LORSBAN Advanced is formulated as an emulsion in water (EW). This water-based formulation differs from LORSBAN-4E, which is an emulsifiable concentrate. It is the only chlorpyrifos-containing insecticide available as an EW in the United States.

LORSBAN Advanced offers growers superb versatility to control insects in soybeans, corn, wheat, pome fruit, tree nuts, grapes, citrus, vegetables and other crops. The insecticide provides superior control of all cutworm species as well as broad-spectrum control of aphids, scale, spider mites, citrus psylla, lepidopterous insects and other pests.

Tank-mix flexibility is another attribute of LORSBAN Advanced. The new product is compatible with miticides, fungicides, nonpressure fertilizer solutions and other insecticides.

LORSBAN® Advanced offers the same great efficacy, quick knockdown and residual control that users have come to expect. “The use rate and application characteristics remain the same as LORSBAN®-4E, making for an easy transition to the new formulation,” Ferguson says.

Dow AgroSciences LLC, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, is a top-tier agricultural company that combines the power of science and technology with the “Human Element” to constantly improve what is essential to human progress. Dow AgroSciences provides innovative technologies for crop protection, pest and vegetation management, seeds, traits, and agricultural biotechnology to serve the world’s growing population. Global sales for Dow AgroSciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, are $3.8 billion. Learn more at

®Trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC. Lorsban-4E and Lorsban Advanced are federally Restricted Use Pesticides. Lorsban-4E is not for use in the state of Mississippi. Always read and follow label directions.

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