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Posted 8 June 2009. PMN Crop News.

Tomato Disease Factsheets Available

Kansas State University.

Manhattan, Kansas (May 28, 2009)–If there’s any plant that gardeners are likely to grow once warm weather hits, it’s the tomato. So, to help those who want to learn more about tomato diseases and how to avoid or treat them, Kansas State University plant pathologist Megan Kennelly has just updated a factsheet about just that.


Be it early blight, Septoria leaf spot, anthracnose or some other malady, the factsheet – which can be found on the Web at – likely covers it. The resource also includes abiotic disorders, such as growth cracks, blossom end rot and physiological leaf roll.

Color photos throughout the publication are designed to help growers identify disease problems.

Other diseases of tomato that are caused by viruses, wilt pathogens, and nematodes are covered in another factsheet:

Megan Kennelly