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Posted 17 June 2010. PMN Crop News.

BIOREBA Launches Unique AgriStrip-magnetic for the Detection of Potato Leafroll Virus

Source: BIOREBA Press Release.

Reinach, Switzerland (June 17, 2010)—It’s well known that the classical AgriStrip test format is not sensitive enough to detect viruses occurring at low concentrations in plant tissues.


To help solve this issue, BIOREBA has developed the PLRV AgriStrip-magnetic, an innovative and unique rapid assay for the detection of Potato Leaf Roll Virus (PLRV), which combines the AgriStrip format with “Magnetic Bead Technology”.

With this new product, BIOREBA manages to accumulate and concentrate the viral antigen (pathogen) by use of the “Magnetic Bead Technology.”

The PLRV AgriStrip-magnetic has shown excellent results in a large-scale evaluation giving results equal to ELISA testing. Test results and feedback from potato certification laboratories have confirmed the numerous advantages and benefits of using the PLRV AgriStrip-magnetic:

• Fast assay, results within 20-30 minutes

• Optimal for single testing

• Easy handling

• No need for special laboratory equipment, suitable for on-site testing in the greenhouse or field

This is the latest addition to the complete range of AgriStrip rapid assays for the detection of the most important potato viruses: PLRV, Potato Virus A , Potato Virus M , Potato Virus S, Potato Virus X, and Potato Virus Y. With one potato extract, users can analyze these six important potato viruses with BIOREBA’s rapid assays, all of which are available at

Barbara Wernli