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Posted 26 December 2010. PMN Crop News.

Quantify and Track DON in DDGS

Source: Envirologix Press Release.

Portland, Maine (December 15, 2010)--Portland ME - Expanding upon its innovative quantitative testing and tracking method for measuring vomitoxin in corn, wheat and barley, the QuickTox for QuickScan – DON is now offered for testing deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin) levels in DDGS.


The Kit takes full advantage of one of the most flexible and precise test strip reading methods on the market today, the EnviroLogix QuickScan System. Accurate quantitative results for vomitoxin in DDGS are achieved simply and rapidly, with the unparalleled traceability unique to the QuickScan System.

Merchandisers and feed formulators continue to benefit from the expansion of test kits available for use with QuickScan. With one fast, effective system, multiple mycotoxins in multiple matrices can be detected and quantitated, making decisions affecting feed safety simple, objective, and reliable.

And now with the addition of the DDGS test, ethanol plants have the ability to test both incoming grains and outgoing product to ensure the quality of DDGS being sent to market.

As with all the products in the growing portfolio of mycotoxin tests from EnviroLogix, the value of the QuickTox Kits for QuickScan are in its precise mycotoxin measurement with image processing and data collection for instant traceability.

“With the wide acceptance of the test in corn, wheat and barley, this new application for quantitative testing of DDGS expands the value of QuickScan to the market,” said Simon Varney, Product Manager. “The simplicity of the test itself combined with the unique capabilities of QuickScan make this kit the most sought-after quantitative vomitoxin test available.”

EnviroLogix is the world's leading provider of rapid test kits for the detection of GMOs and mycotoxins in grain. Since the arrival of biotech-enhanced corn, the company has provided GMO test kits for identity-preservation programs and mycotoxin tests to ensure overall grain quality.

Call 1-866-408-4597 and ask for Niki Norman to place your order today. For more information about rapid test kits, follow the links above or email Simon Varney, Product Manager.

Simon Varney