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Posted 15 February 2010. PMN Crop News.

Danitol Insecticide Now Registered for Use in Many Specialty Crops

Source: Valent U.S.A. Press Release.

Walnut Creek, California (February 11, 2010)--Valent U.S.A. Corporation, with the leadership from IR4 in pursuit of crop protection tools for minor crops, received California state registration for the use of Danitol® Insecticide on stone fruit, tree nuts, bushberries and caneberries, olives, and tropical and subtropical crop groups.


Danitol is also registered in many other states for these uses and others including citrus, pome fruit, grapes, cotton, strawberries and vegetables.

Danitol is a highly effective, broad spectrum economical insecticide containing the active ingredient fenpropathrin. Danitol is a good choice for growers with crops threatened by a variety of tough pests, including navel orangeworm, oriental fruit moth, walnut husk fly, thrips, leafrollers, fruitworms, Japanese beetles and mites to name a few of the pests controlled.

“Navel orangeworm is one of the major pests in almonds,” said Mike Ansolabehere, field market development specialist for Valent. “The worms pose a threat to the grower’s profits if they get into the nutmeat as the hulls start splitting. Danitol will provide a good option for growers who want to control these worms before they damage the crop.”

The new label for Danitol is also good news for subtropical fruit growers who fight thrips on a regular basis.

“Danitol provides consistent, fast knockdown and unsurpassed control of persea mite—a major pest issue within avocado crops,” said Pat Clay, Valent field market development specialist. “This new registration will give growers an entirely new tool for controlling two key pests: persea mite and avocado thrips.”

As growers become increasingly aware of resistance issues, Clay encourages growers to actively manage their pest management programs and incorporate new tools like Danitol.

“Danitol is a good fit for growers’ pest management programs,” Clay said. “In addition to providing broad spectrum control of many key pests, Danitol also offers growers application flexibility with the option of aerial or ground applications. Danitol is an excellent new option for growers to effectively manage a variety of pests while keeping resistance concerns at bay.”

In addition to its broad spectrum activity, Danitol is also known for having a notably short 24-hour restricted entry interval and will not flare mites like other control products.

Danitol joins the growing line of quality products for stone fruit, tree nuts, bushberries and caneberries, olives, and tropical and subtropical crop groups from Valent U.S.A. Corporation including DiPel® and XenTari® Biological Insecticides and Knack® and Esteem® Insect Growth Regulators.