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Posted 21 August 2010. PMN Crop News.

AgroSource Announces FireLine 17 WP Active Ingredient Approval by the National Organic Program for Fire Blight Control on Organic Apples and Pears

Source: SipcamAdvan Press Release.

Mountainside, New Jersey (August 15, 2010)--AgroSource, Inc. is pleased to announce that the active ingredient in its bactericide FireLine 17™ WP is now approved by the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program (NOP). On July 6, 2010, the NOP formally amended rule § 205.601 of the National List of Allowed Substances to remove the limitation on the specific form of tetracycline. Taw Richardson, President of AgroSource, welcomed the approval saying: “AgroSource is pleased growers of organic apples and pears can now use FireLine™ in their Fire Blight control programs. AgroSource continues to work to provide both organic and conventional growers with tools they need to help ensure production of high quality crops and protection of their orchards from Fire Blight.” FireLine™ has already established itself as the product of choice for the control of Fire Blight in conventionally grown apples and pears whenever the use of its active ingredient is warranted.


FireLine™ represents a new standard for the management of serious diseases such as Fire Blight in apples and pears and Bacterial Spot in peaches and nectarines. Its superior formulation as a dry, free-flowing wettable powder with unsurpassed physical and dispersion characteristics means easier handling, mixing and spraying. Coupled with an unsurpassed stability profile, FireLine™ gives growers a convenient, complete and easy-to-work-with program for disease control.

FireWall™ WP, also manufactured by AgroSource, possesses the same exceptional qualities as FireLine™. Now, the active ingredients in both FireLine™ and FireWall™ are approved for control of Fire Blight on organically grown apples and pears and can be used as partners in resistance management programs – either by rotation or tank mixing. AgroSource recommends that growers consult with their crop advisors to determine which of these products are best suited for their specific conditions.

FireLine™ and FireWall™ bactericides are distributed throughout the continental United States by SipcamAdvan ( SipcamAdvan sets itself apart by offering customers conventional chemical and biorational solutions in the agriculture, turf and ornamental, home and garden and pest management markets. SipcamAdvan possesses the technology and the people to provide product solutions and professional services. AgroSource ( is a global agricultural life science company established to develop products for the unmet or underserved needs of growers, with particular emphasis on specialty crops.

Cathy Fuhrman