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Posted 19 March 2010. PMN Crop News.

Immunocapture PCR Kits from AC Diagnostics

Source: AC Diagnostics Press Release.

Fayetteville, Arkansas (March 1, 2010)--AC Diagnostics Inc. announces its new products, Immunocapture PCR kits:


These new immunocapture PCR Kits include:

• ACDcap Immunocapture Kit for RT-PCR

• ACDamp Immunocapture RT-PCR Kit

• ACDcom Complete Immunocapture RT-PCR Kit.

The kits contain pre-coated PCR tubes, sample and washing buffers, positive and negative controls, and/or primers, master mix and enzymes.

The features and benefits of using Immunocapture PCR Kits are that they are ready to use, they get accurate and consistent results, they allow for flexible applications, they save time, and they save funds.

“Our Immunocapture PCT kits include the pre-coated PCR tubes for capturing virus particles which can be directly amplified by RT-PCR. It allows to perform the entire PCR assay in a single PCR tube. You can save time and fund by eliminating the time-consuming sample RNA extraction procedure, and expensive RNA extraction kit. The immunocapture PCR kit is cost-effective and user-friendly for RT-PCR tests of large number of samples.” said John Xia, President of AC Diagnostics.

View detailed information of the immunocapture PCR kit at Those looking for tests not on this list are encouraged to contact us, as their R&D team will try to develop tests upon request.

AC Diagnostics is a leading provider of affordable, high-quality diagnostic products and services. The company offers more than 280 quality diagnostic ELISA kits/reagents, PCR kits, as well as rapid, affordable, and reliable in-house testing. To learn more about AC Diagnostics’ products, services, and pricing, visit

John Xia