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Posted 21 August 2010. PMN Crop News.

New QuickScan Software Boosts Analysis and Traceability for Test Strips

Source: Envirologix Press Release.

Portland, Maine (July 19, 2010)--EnviroLogix Inc. has released enhanced and more flexible software for the QuickScan system. Designed to give users critical information more quickly, Version3 offers customized data-entry fields and auto-calculation of test results. Importantly, the software upgrade will be seamless, preserving all test data and reports generated in previous versions.


Offered at no charge to QuickScan customers, the upgrade applies to all GMO and mycotoxin test kits used in the QuickScan System.

“The ease with which the QuickScan System utilizes its integrated computational power – not only for quantifying results, but giving users the ability to view and analyze data in a single environment – gives customers using QuickScan a unique advantage,” said Simon Varney, Product Manager. “We are proud to maintain our worldwide leadership by bringing continued innovation to grain elevators, loading terminals and processors.”

QuickScan’s proprietary software has been upgraded to address customers' evolving needs for quantification and traceability of GMO and mycotoxin test results with no hardware or protocol changes. Up to 10 lateral flow strips can still be read simultaneously – more than any other reader device on the market.

The new software will auto-sum results for multiple GMO tests, making acceptance and re-direct decisions quicker for operators. Similarly, Version3 will auto-calculate test results for diluted mycotoxin tests. This auto-calculation function eliminates off-line calculation and ensures that an accurate result is recorded.

For improved traceability, QuickScan users can now select and name customized data fields in the Results Screen. These fields could be used to identify the sample source, the commodity type, or the grain destination. Customized data-entry fields are saved in the DataLog, which is now contained within the QuickScan software package itself.

For more information about QuickScan, contact Simon Varney at 1-866-408-4597, email, or visit

Simon Varney