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Posted 14 June 2010. PMN Crop News.

Insect Control at Reduced Price Helps Soybean ROI

Bayer CropScience lowers Leverage 2.7 insecticide price in time for 2010 season

Source: Bayer CropScience Press Release.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (May 25, 2010)--Soybean growers understand the value of protecting their investment and are looking for options that make sense for their crop — and their wallet.


With a new lower price, Leverage® 2.7 insecticide will provide growers with just what they are looking for — protection of their crop and a better return on investment.

“This season Leverage 2.7 offers the same outstanding crop protection benefits that growers have become familiar with over the past two years,” said Keith Vodrazka, Bayer CropScience insecticide product manager. “But now they will get the fast knockdown, extended residual control and Stress Shield from Leverage 2.7 at a lower price, which simply means that Leverage is now an even greater value to the grower who uses it.”

Leverage 2.7 combines two modes of action to provide both contact and in-plant protection from a broad spectrum of sucking and chewing pests, including soybean aphids, bean leaf beetle, Japanese beetle, stink bugs, adult corn rootworm beetle and most worm pests.

The insecticide also provides growers with the added benefit of Stress Shield™ protection. Stress Shield helps defend plants from a variety of environmental stresses that can weaken yield potential. Plus, it helps plants remain vigorous during mild-to-moderate adverse growing conditions.

Minnesota soybean grower Daryl Dahlman understands the visual and economical benefits Leverage 2.7 provides, as his crop experienced tremendous aphid pressure in 2008.

“You could see that the beans treated with Leverage continued to grow, while the untreated plants stunted,” Dalhman said. “I saw more height and more pods on my treated beans. And, of course, more pods translated into a five to 10 bu/A advantage over my untreated beans.”

Vodrazka explained that like Dahlman, many other growers have experienced the power of Leverage 2.7 and Stress Shield protection in season and at harvest.

“Leverage 2.7 provides the excellent insect control growers have come to depend on, with the added plant health benefits of Stress Shield. Now the new lower price combined with the yield potential connected to stress-free plants, can help bring a great ROI and peace of mind to soybean growers in the 2010 season.”

For additional information about the benefits of Leverage 2.7 insecticide with Stress Shield, growers can contact their local Bayer CropScience representative or visit

Keith Vodrazka