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Posted 26 December 2010. PMN Crop News.

BASF Vivando Fungicide Gives Grape Growers a New And Unique Mode Of Action to Fight Powdery Mildew

Source: BASF Press Release.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (December 16, 2010)--Vivando® fungicide from BASF Crop Protection has received full registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Board of Pesticide Regulation. The new fungicide is highly effective for control of powdery mildew in wine, table and raisin grapes.


“Vivando will be an important addition to the grape grower’s disease control arsenal,” said William Strickland, BASF Vivando Marketing Manager. “The active ingredient, metrafenone, is the first fungicide to be developed in its chemical class, giving growers a new way to fight yield-robbing powdery mildew.”

Vivando provides several key advantages for the treatment of powdery mildew.

• A new active ingredient. Metrafenone, the first fungicide to be developed from the benzophenone chemical class. The active ingredient is lipophilic, and as such, it is very easily absorbed into the waxy cuticle layer that surrounds the exterior cells of a plant to prevent water loss.

• A new mode of action. Extensive research has shown that Vivando does not exhibit cross-resistance to any of the known fungicide modes of action. Studies have shown that this active ingredient disrupts normal distribution and functioning of actin in powdery mildew cells, destabilizing the growth process.

• Multi-level activity. Vivando controls powdery mildew at three different stages of the fungal life cycle:

o It works to prevent infections by stopping successful penetration by powdery mildew.

o Although it works best when applied preventively before powdery mildew infections occur, Vivando also works to slow epidemic development by disrupting the lesion expansion and the development of new mildew spores.

o Surface migration and local systemic movement in the plant also boost the ability of Vivando to protect against infection by ensuring consistent coverage on and around the leaves, vines and bunches.

“We looked at Vivando trials here in California with extreme powdery mildew situations and I was really impressed,” said Clay Houchin, Sales Manager, Buttonwillow Warehouse Company. “Vivando really stood up against its competitors and the fact that Vivando offers a new active ingredient makes it a great rotational product.”

Rotational treatments continue to be an important factor in managing resistance. Vivando fungicide provides growers the flexibility to apply any time from pre-bloom to pre-harvest. It helps to safeguard the yield and quality of grape crops when applied preventatively and in rotation with other modes of action such as the strobilurin and carboximide in Pristine® fungicide. Using a rotational plan including both Vivando and Pristine provides unmatched control of powdery mildew and control of diseases such as Botrytis, Phomopsis cane, leaf spot, downy mildew and black rot.

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