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Posted 25 March 2011. PMN Crop News.

First Year Success: Growers Credit Avicta Complete Corn Seed Treatment for Higher Yields

Source: Syngenta Press Release.

Greensboro, North Carolina (March 1, 2011)--Syngenta Seedcare is proud to announce the first year success of Avicta® Complete Corn nematicide/insecticide/fungicide seed treatment combination. A combination of separately registered products, Avicta Complete Corn provided growers superior early-season pest protection, as well as increased yield and return on investment in its inaugural year of commercial availability. According to a harvest survey from the 2010 growing season conducted by Syngenta Seedcare, growers who reported a yield difference between Avicta Complete Corn and their standard insecticide/fungicide seed treatment saw an average yield increase of 8.7 bushels per acre.


Growers nationwide benefited from the convenience of seed-delivered protection during the planting season and reaped the benefits of higher yields at harvest. “With Avicta Complete Corn, I saw healthier plants, better stand and better yield,” said Dave Steinbeck, seed dealer and grower from Griswold, Iowa. “I saw an 8.5 bushel difference. And today with $6 corn, that adds up. Anytime there’s a treatment that goes on the seed that makes for a better crop and better yield, customers want that.”

Growers who planted seed treated with Avicta Complete Corn last season not only reported experiencing higher yields and more convenience, but also witnessed how the seed treatment’s triple protection against nematodes, early-season insects and diseases can promote a healthy and vigorous crop. “With Avicta Complete Corn, the plants were greener and more even,” said Brian Kosel from Owatonna, Minn. “I saw better root growth and there wasn’t any pruning or damaged roots – just a healthier stalk. We’re seeing great results with Avicta Complete Corn. It really makes a difference.”

“We are very excited about the yield results growers are seeing from Avicta Complete Corn after its first year on the market,” said Mark Jirak, crop manager, Syngenta Seedcare. “As awareness about corn nematodes continues to rise, and the results that we’ve seen in 2010 continue to be shared, we’re looking forward to even greater grower adoption of Avicta Complete Corn in the 2011 season.”

In the 2011 planting season, Avicta Complete Corn will be available from select seed companies with the additional disease protection of Maxim® Quattro seed treatment fungicide, the latest addition to the market-leading corn seed treatment fungicide portfolio from Syngenta Seedcare. Maxim Quattro broadens the spectrum of disease activity to deliver best-in-class systemic protection against Fusarium species including Fusarium graminearum and Fusarium verticillioides.

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Jodie McClement