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Posted 25 March 2011. PMN Crop News.

DELEGATE WG Insecticide Makes Resistance Management Easier for Fruit Producers

Source: Dow AgroSciences Press Release.

Indianapolis, Indiana (February 22, 2011)--Insecticide Resistance Management (IRM) is becoming more important each year as fruit producers strive to maintain the viability of insecticide options. The unique mode of action found in DELEGATE® WG insecticide makes it a valuable addition to any grower’s toolbox.


The active ingredient in DELEGATE, spinetoram, is classified as a Group 5 insecticide by the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee. This innovative chemistry positions DELEGATE as an excellent option in an insecticide rotation.

“DELEGATE belongs to a very unique group of chemistries and that makes it a good rotational partner with other chemistries,” says Dr. Larry Hull, professor of entomology at Pennsylvania State University. “DELEGATE helps growers practice good resistance management because they can use it for different generations of pests.”

The goal of successful IRM is to prevent or delay the evolution of resistance to insecticides. The key to managing resistance is reducing selection pressure by rotating between insecticides with different modes of action and limiting the number of insecticide applications.

“An effective insecticide rotation is very important right now,” Hull says. “There’s mounting evidence showing us that growers should use one chemistry within one generation and then move to a totally different chemical group for the second generation.”

Other insecticides labeled for fruit production share the same mode of action with other products. For example, Imidan and Guthion belong to the Group 1A class of insecticides; Mustang and Danitol are Group 3A insecticides; Assail, Provado and Calypso are Group 4A insecticides; and Altacor, Belt and Voliam Flexi all contain Group 28 insecticides.

DELEGATE® WG insecticide offers fruit growers a fast knockdown of a broad spectrum of pests, including first-generation codling moth, Oriental fruit moth, tufted apple budmoth, oblique-banded leafroller and leafminer. It provides residual control while maintaining populations of most beneficial insects through a targeted Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

“The innovative chemistry of DELEGATE makes it an ideal option in an IRM program,” says Dr. Brian Olson, field scientist for Dow AgroSciences. “When applied properly, DELEGATE offers growers an effective tool for their insecticide spray programs.”

Growers should not make more than three consecutive applications of a Group 5 insecticide for all pests in pome fruit except pear psylla, which is restricted to two consecutive applications. If more applications are required, rotate to another class of insecticide for at least one application.

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Andy Fordice