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Posted 29 June 2011. PMN Crop News.

BIOREBA Introduces a New and Unique AgriStrip-magnetic Assay for Fast Detection of Grapevine Leafroll Associated Virus 3 (GLRaV-3)

Source: BIOREBA Press Release.

Reinach, Switzerland (June 10, 2011): BIOREBA AG, a leading company in plant disease diagnostics, announces the launch of their AgriStrip-magnetic, a unique rapid assay for the detection of Grapevine leafroll associated virus 3 (GLRaV-3).


GLRaV-3 occurs worldwide in grapevine growing areas. It belongs to a group of nine serologically distinct viruses causing the leafroll disease. The symptoms of GLRaV-3 cannot be distinguished from those caused by the other leafroll viruses. GLRaV-3 is not only transmitted by grafting such as the other viruses of that group, but also by the mealybug Planocuccus ficus. GLRaV-3 is of economic importance since yield and quality of grapes are reduced.

The classical AgriStrip test format is not sensitive enough to detect viruses occurring at low concentrations in plant tissue. Furthermore, the tissue of grapevine, which is rich in phenols, is a very complex sample material to be analyzed. BIOREBA has developed an innovative rapid assay for the detection of GLRaV-3, which combines the AgriStrip format with “Magnetic Bead Technology”, the GLRaV-3 AgriStrip-magnetic.

With this new product BIOREBA manages to accumulate and concentrate the viral antigen (pathogen), and to partially purify the virus particles by use of Magnetic Bead Technology.

The GLRaV-3 AgriStrip-magnetic has shown excellent results in validation as well as in field trials. It’s sensitivity was shown to be comparable to ELISA testing. The convincing results and the positive feedback of testing persons confirmed the numerous advantages of using the GLRaV-3 AgriStrip-magnetic:

• fast assay, result within 20-30 minutes

• optimal for testing individual samples

• easy handling

• no need for special laboratory equipment, thus suitable when testing is required on-site

This new rapid assay is an important extension to the already existing range of AgriStrip products. View the company’s full list of products at

For more detailed scientific information as well as ordering information, please view BIOREBA’s AgriStrip product information for GLRaV-3 detection (
); and its AgriStrip general information sheet (

Denise Altenbach