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Posted 22 April 2011. PMN Crop News.

Overture Insecticide Registered for Use in California

Source: Valent U.S.A. Press Release.

Walnut Creek, California (April 8, 2011)--Valent Professional Products announced that Overture® Insecticide has been registered in California for use on greenhouse-grown ornamental crops. Overture will provide growers consistent, effective control of thrips and lepidopterous larvae.


Overture has a novel mode of action that will help growers in the fight against tough-to-control western flower thrips, the single most damaging pest in California greenhouse ornamentals. Overture is an excellent resistance management tool and rotation partner for Conserve® SC, and Overture is also soft on most beneficial insects.

Overture works preventively or curatively to kill adult and immature thrips, and it also controls defoliating larvae of many lepidopterous pests. Overture can be used on greenhouse-grown ornamentals including flowering and foliage crops, ground covers, shrubs and ornamental trees and non-bearing fruit and nut trees.

"The single biggest thing about this registration is it offers California growers a novel mode of action for their resistance management programs," said Todd Mayhew, regional field development manager for Valent Professional Products. "Overture also controls Conserve-resistant western flower thrips."

With its registration in California, Overture is now available for use in all 50 states.

"Western flower thrips are a bigger issue in California than anywhere else in the country," said Dr. Joe Chamberlin, regional field development manager for Valent Professional Products.

"Growers in California have been anxiously awaiting the registration of Overture because they need new chemistry, and we’re excited that we can now offer them a new tool for control of this destructive pest."

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Elsa Zisook