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Posted 22 May 2011. Plant Health Progress.

Presidio Fungicide Registered for Use on Potato

Controls Pink Rot and Late Blight

Source: Valent U.S.A. Press Release.

Walnut Creek, California (May 2, 2011)--Valent U.S.A. Corporation (Valent) announced that Presidio® Fungicide has been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency for use on potato for pink rot and late blight control.


Presidio is a fast-acting chemistry with a new mode of action that provides growers with both preventive and some curative reach-back action.

Applied to the soil, Presidio quickly moves into the plant’s roots and is transported to leaves via the xylem. Presidio also has excellent translaminar activity, which means better protection for each treated leaf.

“Potato growers need new options for control of pink rot, and trials across the United States have shown that Presidio is effective against pink rot, including mefenoxam-resistant pink rot” said Dr. Gerald Holmes, product development manager for Valent. “In addition, Presidio contains one of the top-rated active ingredients for late blight control globally.”

For pink rot, Presidio should be applied in furrow at planting for greatest efficacy. A second application can be made at tuber initiation. Presidio is available for use via the following application methods: ground, aerial, foliar, chemigation and drip application.

Presidio should be applied preventively prior to infection or disease development. This helps to manage infections as well as the development of resistance.

For product stewardship, all applications of Presidio must be tank mixed with a product proven to have activity against the targeted disease.

Presidio contains Acylpicolide chemistry and is the sole fungicide in FRAC Group 43.

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