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Posted 25 July 2011. PMN Crop News.

New QuickScan Select Software Boosts User Ease in the Analysis and Traceability for Test Strips

Source: Envirologix Press Release.

Portland, Maine (July 1, 2011)--EnviroLogix Inc. is proud to announce the release of QuickScan Select, its latest software for the QuickScan reader system. Updated to deliver critical information more quickly, QuickScan Select offers valuable selections and customizations that operators can use to make grain-quality decisions faster and to track test results more effectively.


QuickScan users can now set specific cutoff levels for non-GMO grain and for mycotoxin contamination, making probe-station decisions easier. Users can also edit certain demographic information in the DataLog itself, enhancing the system’s traceability features. These and other selections intended to improve the utility of the software can be password protected with a new user-authentication function.

QuickScan Select software will be provided at no charge to QuickScan customers. The upgrade will be seamless, preserving all data and reports generated in previous versions and requiring no changes in test-kit procedures or hardware.

“EnviroLogix prides itself on its ability to innovate and to give customers the solutions they need in today's identity-preservation and food-safety environments,” said Simon Varney, Product Manager. "The system’s unique advantages help our users leverage the power of integration – mycotoxin and non-GMO testing, quantification, and traceability in one PC-based system.

“Compared to other testing technology for mycotoxins and GMOs, we believe QuickScan offers extremely compelling features for a variety of industries, including grain, feed, milling and pet food,” Varney said. “In addition to our technology, we are committed to strong technical support, working hard to resolve protocol issues and to address customer concerns.”

Introduced in 2009, QuickScan provides quantitative results for EnviroLogix lateral flow test strips. The system uses unique barcodes on every strip to provide lot-specific calibrations, which improve the accuracy and precision in results. QuickScan can read numerous GMO or mycotoxin test strips simultaneously. All custom data is saved in the DataLog, which is now even easier to view, print and analyze.

For more information about QuickScan, contact Simon Varney at 1-866-408-4597, email the QuickScan Team, or visit