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Posted 25 July 2011. PMN Crop News.

Spinosad Insecticide Now Available for Use on Onions as a Seed Treatment

Source: Syngenta Press Release.

Greensboro, North Carolina (July 6, 2011)--Syngenta announced today that spinosad insecticide is now available for use on onions as a seed treatment. Spinosad will be available exclusively as a component of FarMore® FI500, an insecticide/fungicide seed treatment technology containing separately registered products. Featuring two insecticides, spinosad (Regard™) and thiamethoxam (Cruiser® 70WS), as well as three fungicides, mefenoxam (Apron XL®), fludioxonil (Maxim® 4FS) and azoxystrobin (Dynasty®), FarMore FI500 marks the latest evolution of the FarMore Technology platform.


FarMore FI500 technology protects onion crops from the damaging effects of seedcorn and onion maggots, which can cause a 25-percent loss of crop if onion seeds are left untreated. In addition, thiamethoxam, one of the insecticides in FarMore FI500, has also shown suppressive activity on thrips that attack young onion seedlings early in the season.

The registration of spinosad as a seed treatment for protection against onion maggots marks the first commercially available product offer derived from the 2008 ag chemical research and development collaboration between Syngenta and Dow AgroSciences. Dow AgroSciences provided its proven spinosad technology for this new product which will be commercialized through the FarMore Technology platform.

“The FarMore Technology brand family is constantly evolving, which is critical to our continued commitment to the small-seeded vegetable market,” said Chad Shelton, crop manager, Syngenta. “Onion maggot is a very real problem for onion growers. We are excited to offer this new seed treatment chemistry combined with tried and tested brands to help combat common soil-borne diseases and insect pests, all the while increasing overall plant health.”

FarMore Technology is the first comprehensive and proprietary seed-delivered system that helps maximize vegetable production by enhancing performance and value. This seed protection system provides direct-seeded, small-seeded vegetable growers with consistent performance and improved seed technology to enhance seedling emergence, plant-stand establishment, early-season vigor and plant health, as well as protect yield potential. A continually evolving product platform, FarMore Technology is one of the latest in a long line of Syngenta innovations, stemming from a commitment to invest in research and development.

For more information about FarMore FI500, contact your local Syngenta representative or ask your local seed supplier for more details.

Julie Richards