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Posted 25 April 2012. PMN Crop News.

EnviroLogix Introduces DNAble Test Kits for Cmm Detection

Source: Envirologix Press Release.

Portland, Maine (April 1, 2012)--EnviroLogix Inc. continues its commitment to innovation by expanding its product platform offerings to a molecular level. Introducing DNAble - the first commercially available isothermal DNA test platform for plant pathogen detection. DNAble is a nucleic acid based testing platform which isothermally amplifies a target genome for pathogen detection in less than 20 minutes.


DNAble utilizes nicking enzymes to open the double-stranded structure of DNA for amplification. Unlike PCR, where temperature cycles are required to continuously denature this structure, DNAble’s amplification reaction occurs at one temperature - it does not require expensive, complicated equipment such as a thermocycler. The test can be successfully performed by anyone, with minimal training, in almost any venue.

The first field kit is designed to detect Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis in tomato plant tissue. Cmm is a devastating tomato pathogen, potentially destroying both fruit and seed production. DNAble allows the user to accurately detect Cmm on-site, with excellent sensitivity and specificity.

The Cmm DNAble protocol takes less than 20 minutes to perform, from sample preparation through amplification and detection. DNA is extracted from crudely macerated tissue when the sample is transferred to a reaction master mix. After heating for only 10 minutes, the sample is added to the detection cartridge for the final result.

DNAble kits include all the sample prep, reaction, and detection components needed to run the test. The only equipment needed is an inexpensive portable heat block and a pipette with disposable tips (available through EnviroLogix as accessory items).

The DNAble kit for Cmm (DS 091 PT) is available in kits of 4 tests each. Companies interested in using DNAble kits in larger quantities should contact EnviroLogix for a price quote.

Karen McGuire