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Posted 25 June 2012. PMN Crop News.

Disease Control Practices Imperative for High Corn Yields

Growers are looking to maximize profits in record-setting corn planting year

Source: BASF Crop Protection Press Release.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (June 6, 2012)--A mild winter followed by optimal early-spring planting weather throughout most of the Corn Belt means corn farmers may see disease pressure earlier than normal this year. A well-timed fungicide treatment will help curb disease pressure, providing the protection needed for a successful growing season.


The 2012 growing season is off to a big start. A 75-year high of planted corn acres is reflective of growers’ expectations of high returns in 2012.

With current corn prices and profit potential in sight, farmers have an additional opportunity to push higher yields to capitalize on corn acres.

But to achieve maximum profit - especially with so many planting corn - growers will need to plan ahead and be vigilant protecting their crop from disease.

“With the increase in corn acres this year, combined with the mild winter, corn crops are at risk for damaging disease pressure,” said Nick Fassler, Technical Market Manager, BASF. “Timely fungicide applications are essential to control disease early to help achieve yield potential and produce healthier crops.”

Disease inoculum is able to survive in the soil or residue during a warm winter. As the season progresses, corn becomes even more susceptible Stressed crops are prone to troublesome diseases such as anthracnose, gray leaf spot, Northern corn leaf blight and common rust.

Preparing for a well-timed application of Headline AMP™ fungicide is a key component to controlling disease in order to maximize yield.

“The stakes are high for growers to produce a record or near-record corn crop this year,” Fassler said. “An important part of corn production is controlling disease with an application of Headline AMP from full tassel to early blister to protect corn during grain fill and maximize yield potential.”

Headline AMP is a combination fungicide containing F500® - the active ingredient in Headline® fungicide - and a unique, best-in-class triazole. On-farm research shows Headline AMP provides more corn per acre than any other fungicide on the market.

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