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Posted 20 September 2012. PMN Crop News.

One-Stop, Online Portal for Bayer Seed Treatment Equipment Streamlines Information for Farmers

Bayer CropScience introduces online learning modules for Poncho/VOTiVO

Source: Bayer CropScience Press Release.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (September 1, 2012)--After only one growing season using the On Demand® system, Bruce Blume of Blume Seeds Inc., believes it is one of the most effective systems on the market. Now, with the launch of the revamped Bayer CropScience equipment website and launch of the online learning module, treating seeds and running his business have become even easier.


“On Demand is awesome, and I like having access to it. The system makes it a lot simpler to input data into the system, and input our customer base and recipes. It’s so simple to do it here at the computer versus out at the system on the monitor,” says Blume.

The new seed treatment equipment website features fully updated information for Bayer’s seed treatment suite of services including On Demand, commercial batch treaters and downstream drum treaters.

Current and prospective users of Bayer seed treatment equipment can visit the website to review Bayer’s equipment catalog, find solutions for specific crops, keep up with crop news and events, reach customer support or find the appropriate seed treatment system based on unique needs.

“Feeding our hungry planet starts with protecting a farmers’ seeds from day one. We are a leader within the industry supporting customers with high-quality seed, innovative seed treatment products, application equipment, film coatings, technical support and training,” stressed Matthias Haug, Global head of Seed Treatment at Bayer CropScience.

Bayer’s integrated approach offers sustainable systems and solutions and training for meeting the needs of a changing agricultural world. On Demand from Bayer helps ensure seed treatments such as Poncho/VOTiVO are applied correctly and consistently, resulting in healthier plant establishment. Bayer works with treaters and growers, locally and globally, to provide the best treated seeds, for customers.

This month, Bayer also launched Poncho/VOTiVO online learning module for growers, agronomists and seed retailers. Focused on Poncho/VOTiVO’s advantages and seed treatment product stewardship, the online module provides information that allows growers and seed retailers to succeed. The online learning module focuses on four key areas including: Poncho/VOTiVO; Performance Advantages of Poncho/VOTiVO; On Demand (including a two-minute video that talks through the advantages of the equipment and how it all ties back into seed treatment); and Stewardship.

Blume anticipates using the newly designed equipment website after successful prior experiences setting up his system and inputting data. Using the website adds critical value to his business by saving him time and the headache of trying to find the information he needs.

The new equipment portal can be viewed at The online learning module will be hosted on the as part of the Learning Center.

Jennifer Furey