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Posted 29 November 2012. PMN Crop News.

Recent BASF Research Highlights Plant Health Benefits of Fungicides Containing F500 Fungicide

BASF fungicides increase photosynthesis, maximizing yield potential

Source: BASF Crop Protection Press Release.

Kansas City, Missouri (November 7, 2012)--BASF today announced new research showcasing the Plant Health benefits of fungicides containing F500® fungicide and how they can help growers increase yield and profit potential. The research, which was conducted by BASF in the field and in greenhouse settings, shows that BASF fungicides increase net photosynthesis in corn and soybean plants, which increases energy production, leading to increased yield potential.


“Photosynthesis is the driving engine for energy production in plants,” said Jennifer Holland, Ph.D., Technical Market Specialist, BASF. “An increase in net photosynthesis means the plant has the ability to create more energy for use in the reproductive stages, which can lead to higher yield potential.”

The BASF Plant Health portfolio is built on the foundation of Headline® fungicide, which contains F500. Headline fungicide was the first fungicide on the market for disease control and Plant Health, and continues to pave the way for the latest fungicide innovations from BASF. There are three pillars of Plant Health, which outline the benefits of F500: disease control, growth efficiency and stress tolerance.

Many growers understand and believe in the importance of fungicide use for disease control, Holland explained. The growth efficiency benefit allows plants to better utilize nitrogen fertilizer and conduct photosynthesis more effectively. A fungicide containing F500 can also help a plant increase its tolerance to stressful conditions, including drought and extreme temperatures. Stress weakens a plant and lowers photosynthesis, leading to a decrease in yield potential. When combined, the outcome amounts to healthier plants, higher seed quality, stronger stalks and ultimately increased yield potential.

BASF has conducted more fungicide research than any other company. This research has helped BASF develop the industry’s leading solutions for every crop.

For corn growers, Headline AMP® fungicide is a combination fungicide containing F500, and a unique, best-in-class triazole, and provides more corn per acre than any other fungicide on the market. In the soybean market, BASF recently introduced Priaxor fungicide, which provides the proven disease control and Plant Health benefits of F500, with the continuous protection and consistent performance of Xemium® fungicide, a new active ingredient. Priaxor fungicide delivers maximum yield potential and premium crop quality to help growers get the most out of every acre.