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Posted 27 March 2012. PMN Crop News.

Poncho/VOTiVO Seed Treatment Boosts Corn and Soybean Yields

Biological and chemical seed treatment continues to deliver consistent performance

Source: Bayer CropScience Press Release.

Nashville, Tennessee (March 1, 2012)--Recent yield data1 confirms that Poncho®/VOTiVO®, a seed treatment that combines the most trusted seed-applied insecticide in corn with the most revolutionary, complete nematode protection on the seed, consistently provides higher crop yield for corn when compared to using only Poncho® 250 and soybeans when compared to using Gaucho® alone. Growers and seed treaters can learn more about these results at Bayer CropScience‘s booth during Commodity Classic, March 1 through March 3, 2012 in Nashville, Tenn.


According to the United Nations, the current world population is 7 billion and expected to surpass 9 billion by 2050. Because of this, more food needs to be produced by using less land, water and energy. Bayer CropScience views seed treatment technology as an essential part of helping increase the food supply.

Growers using Poncho/VOTiVO nationwide are seeing higher yields among their corn and soybean crops. Based on current commodity prices, on average growers can earn an additional $24.75 per acre in corn and $15.20 per acre in soybeans by using Poncho/VOTiVO.2 Further, five years of field tests have shown that Poncho/VOTiVO brings an average increase in corn yields of 4-to-8 bushels per acre. Over four years of evaluation, soybean growers have seen an average of 1.5-to-2.5 bushels per acre increase beyond seeds with standard treatment.3

Poncho/VOTiVO was first introduced on corn seed for the 2011 growing season, and is now available for soybeans and cotton for the 2012 growing season. For corn, Poncho/VOTiVO controls insects including black cutworms, wireworms and other important early-season insects, as well as nematodes, such as needle, root lesion, lance, dagger, stubby root, sting, spiral, root knot and stunt.

For soybeans, Poncho/VOTiVO controls insects including early-season aphids, over-wintering bean leaf beetle, seed corn maggot, grape colaspis, white grub and other early-season pests.

It also protects soybeans from nematodes, such as reniform, root knot and soybean cyst (SCN). Poncho/VOTiVO also complements existing SCN-resistant soybean varieties for even greater protection.

“The data we have seen supports Poncho/VOTiVO’s promise to deliver consistent yield benefits to growers,” said Ethan Luth, Bayer CropScience seed treatment product manager. “And while yield increases are important, Poncho/VOTiVO also helps enable growers to get their seed off to a strong start, which allows them to reap more benefits from the seeds they plant, including increased plant health and vigor.“

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1 Yield data obtained by Bayer CropScience and is based on 647 field trials between 2007-2011
2 According to, using March 2012 future prices as of Feb. 16, 2012, the price for corn was $6.35 per bushel and for soybeans it was $12.61 per bushel. The additional revenue was calculated based on the commodity price per bushel multiplied by the additional yield per acre of Poncho/VOTiVO, according the Bayer CropScience’s research, subtracting the cost of Poncho/VOTiVO per acre.
3 The Bayer CropScience recommended standard treatment for corn seed is Poncho® 250, and for soybean seed the standard treatment is Gaucho®

Beth Roden