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Posted 29 May 2012. PMN Crop News.

Cotton, Corn Yields Increase With Prevathon Insect Control

Data shows reducing insect damage and plant stress in corn and cotton with DuPont Prevathon insect control allow growers to claim more yield potential

Source: DuPont Crop Protection Press Release.

Wilmington, Delaware, (May 8, 2012)--Year-over-year field trials and production results from multiple geographies show that DuPont™ Prevathon® insect control ( powered by DuPont Rynaxypyr® delivers up to 30 bushels per acre more in corn and up to 200 pounds of lint per acre in cotton.1,2 Fast-acting, long-lasting control not only protects crops from insect damage, but means reduced plant stress to support significant yield gains in corn and cotton crops, when compared to grower standard insect-control programs.1,2


Corn and cotton treated with Prevathon® stops feeding within minutes after application and continues to control and protect crops with unprecedented residual protection — up to 21 days and longer. It protects cotton from pests including bollworms, and controls key yield-robbing pests in corn, including European corn borer, corn earworm, western bean cutworm and armyworms.

“Prevathon® insect control gives corn and cotton producers the flexibility to select hybrids and varieties that best fit their agronomic conditions and management programs to achieve the greatest return on investment,” said John Chrosniak, regional director, North America, DuPont Crop Protection. “This flexibility is critical to helping growers successfully produce high-quality, high-yielding food and fiber crops to supply a growing world population.”

Field trials and commercial results from 2011 have shown corn and cotton crops treated with Prevathon® deliver significant and repeatable yield benefits.

• In cotton crops, Prevathon® has shown potential to increase yields by an average of 150 to 200 pounds of lint per acre, when compared to grower standard insecticide programs.

• Field trials and production results from applications of Prevathon® across corn hybrids delivered 5 to 30 more bushels per acre more than grower standard insecticide programs. Prevathon® has shown the most potential in corn without insect control trait packages, but also enhances yield across traited hybrids when crops are under significant insect pressure.

• In late-planted conventional corn under heavy insect pressure, Prevathon® has shown potential to increase yields by an average of 20 to 30 bushels per acre, when compared to grower standard insecticide programs.

• At $6 corn and $0.80 cotton, Prevathon® provides $120 to $180 additional potential per acre to the grower.

“Conventional cotton treated with Prevathon® yielded about 200 more pounds of lint per acre than cotton treated with other insect-control products. Bt cotton with a Prevathon® overspray delivered an average of 150 to 170 pounds more lint when compared to our standard program,” said Tucker Miller, an independent crop consultant from northern Mississippi. “With cotton averaging a dollar a pound, that’s a significant return on investment.”

Prevathon® yield and crop quality enhancements pay off at harvest. “Last year, heavy rains and flooding required about 90 percent of our corn to be replanted and put the crop at increased risk for heavy European corn borer and earworm pressure,” said Bill Emerine, an independent crop consultant in southeast Missouri.

“Conventional and Bt corn growers who didn’t use Prevathon® lost 6 to 18 bushels of yield per acre. But with Prevathon®, growers were harvesting as many as 36 more bushels per acre. For some, Prevathon® made the difference between whether or not the crop could be sold.”

Prevathon® insect control is compatible with a variety of tank-mix partners, including many fungicides, and features a short four-hour re-entry period to help producers increase production efficiency.

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1Positive yield response results obtained from 2011 Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee consultant field testing trials.

2Positive yield response results obtained from 2002-2011 Mississippi and Arkansas university and consultant field testing trials.

Total yield improvement results from the total product benefit in concert with other factors such as various agronomic inputs and plant genetic traits and should not be attributed to a single insect without additional research that isolates all the factors contributing to yield improvement versus standard treatments in field corn and cotton.

DuPont Prevathon® insect control may not be registered for sale or use in all states. No offer for sale or use of these products is permitted prior to issuance of the required EPA and state registrations. Always read and follow all label directions and precautions for use.

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