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Posted 30 January 2013. PMN Crop News.

Fontelis Registered for California Foliar Disease Control

New active ingredient for California foliar disease control will help growers sustain increased production

Source: DuPont Crop Protection Press Release.

Wilmington, Delaware (January 17, 2013)--California fruit, vegetable and tree nut growers have a new tool to help them produce higher yields with enhanced quality.


The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has completed the 30-day public posting process for DuPont Fontelis fungicide in California. Federal registration for Fontelis was granted in 2012.

“The introduction of Fontelis to the California market will help growers meet increased demand for protecting valuable crops from a wide range of production-limiting diseases,” said John Chrosniak, regional director, North America, DuPont Crop Protection. “This new fungicide is another example of how DuPont Crop Protection is using market-driven science to help growers deal with the unexpected and provide nutritious, bountiful food to help feed the growing global population.”

An important use for Fontelis will be for the state’s almond crop, which has doubled in production during the past two decades, making almonds the state’s second-ranked commodity. The California almond crop represents 100 percent of U.S. almond production and 80 percent of global almond supply.

California fruit and vegetable crops, including lettuce, tomato and other specialty crops, will also benefit from the fungicide’s broad-spectrum preventive and curative properties. The new active ingredient in Fontelis delivers strong, reliable control of diseases such as Alternaria leaf blight, powdery mildew, brown rot, lettuce drop, Botrytis and leaf spot. Research has shown that Fontelis reduces disease incidence, and as a result, helps to increase yields and provide higher-quality produce compared to other fungicide programs.

• In almonds, Fontelis reduced the incidence of Alternaria leaf blight from 58 percent to just 2 percent, a reduction of 10 percentage points more than the leading fungicide program.1

• In lettuce, Fontelis reduced lettuce drop pressure by an additional 25 percentage points compared to the leading fungicide program, reducing disease incidence from 53 percent in untreated plots to 18 percent.2

Fontelis is effective at low use rates and offers growers the option to use rates that best fit their target crop and disease concerns.

1 Results from 2009 Shafter, Calif., field trials; data averaged across trials on efficacy of Alternaria leaf blight.

2 Results from 2010 Aromas, Calif., field trials; data averaged across trials on efficacy of lettuce drop. Fontelis treatment included Break-Thru® at 0.25 percent v/v. Plots artificially inoculated with Sclerotinia minor.

Christine Nevosh