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Posted 25 November 2013. PMN Crop News.

Bred to Perform, High Oleic Soybeans Provide Proven Genetics

Source: United Soybean Board Press Release.

Chesterfield, Missouri (November 14, 2013)--High oleic soybeans have been in the product pipeline for more than a decade. With millions of dollars invested, seed companies took their time to ensure these varieties perform as expected Ė for farmers and for food industry customers.


But, performance isnít the only benefit farmers see. They also find that high oleic varieties are bred with the proven genetics that they need on their farm, including the disease and trait packages farmers need.

Today, seed companies offer these varieties in the late-2 and early-3 maturity groups. Farmers report high oleic soybeans performing at or above their on-farm averages, proving that farmers donít have to choose between growing high-yielding varieties and providing a product their customers demand.

Globally, customers could demand 9 billion pounds of high oleic soybean oil by 2023. To reach that, U.S. soybean farmers will need to plant 18 million acres of high oleic soybean varieties by that time.

If that goal is reached, soybean farmers will have the opportunity to provide end-use customers with a consistent supply of high oleic soybean oil Ė for the food industry, that means a readily available, locally grown soybean oil with less saturated fats and no trans fats.