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Posted 2 January 2014. PMN Crop News.

New Online Tutorials From Syngenta Shed Light on Corn Rootworm and Management Recommendations

Source: Syngenta Crop Protection-US Press Release.

Minnetonka, Minnesota (December 17, 2013)--Adding to its portfolio of online educational tools, Syngenta, the leader in corn insect control, has launched two new training modules that provide information about corn rootworm and recommendations on how to manage this destructive pest. In the United States, annual combined yield losses and funds spent on control measures for the adaptable and invasive corn rootworm exceed $1 billion. Syngenta aims to lower this figure by providing farmers with the tools and recommendations they need to protect their crop.


“Corn rootworm populations are rising, and their behaviors are changing as they evolve to protect themselves against current technologies designed to eliminate them,” said Bruce Battles, solutions development manager for North America corn and Syngenta Bug Squad member. “Growers must also adapt and use a variety of methods to manage their presence. These online tutorials are an exciting new resource for growers who are concerned about corn rootworm populations devastating their yields.”

The first tutorial in the two-part series shows how to identify corn rootworm eggs, larvae and beetles, and reviews the damage this pest causes throughout the season. Participants learn about important agronomic practices that help manage and reduce rootworm populations, including scouting, planting refuge acres and rotating crops. Participants who complete the quiz at the conclusion of the training module are eligible to receive one credit toward the American Society of Agronomy’s Certified Crop Adviser continuing education program.

The second tutorial reviews the portfolio of traits, insecticidal seed treatments, and soil- and foliar-applied insecticides that Syngenta offers for controlling corn rootworm. This tutorial educates participants on how to create a long-term corn rootworm management program to preserve control technologies, manage the development of resistance and maximize yield potential.

“Growers need to maintain a holistic approach to corn rootworm control, and our technologies play an important role in managing this pest,” said Battles. “Effective corn rootworm management requires the integration of multiple control measures within a multi-year framework. The training modules highlight what is available to growers and teaches participants best practices to use to ensure effective corn rootworm management for a greater yield potential at harvest.”

Explore the library of interactive training tutorials from Syngenta to learn more about important farm management topics.

Jodie McClement