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Posted 30 August 2013. PMN Crop News.

BioSafe Systems' SaniDate 12.0 Microbiocide Now Registered in Canada

Source: BioSafe Systems LLC Press Release.

East Hartford, Connecticut (August 2, 2013)--SaniDate 12.0 is a process water additive that controls disease in fruit and vegetable processing plants. With its concentrated formula, SaniDate 12.0 is an economical and safe alternative to chlorine products.


It is made up of Activated Peroxygen Chemistry which utilizes hydrogen dioxide, peroxyacetic acid, proprietary stabilizers, and buffers. Bundling these chemistries together creates a highly stable and powerful product that provides immediate pathogen control.

Mix SaniDate 12.0 with water either in a batch or continuously by adding 35.2 grams (32 mL) of SaniDate 12.0 per 100 liters of water. The resulting solution can be sprayed on the surfaces of fruits and vegetables, followed by adequate draining.

“We are happy to provide Canada with a proven product that does not have the harmful side effects of chlorine, yet is still very effective against disease,” said BioSafe Systems Owner and CEO, Rob Larose.