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Posted 25 November 2013. PMN Crop News.

New Research Proves TerraClean 5.0 is Effective Against Soil Diseases on Tomatoes

Source: BioSafe Systems LLC Press Release.

East Hartford, Connecticut (November 6, 2013)--TerraClean 5.0, BioSafe Systems’ broad spectrum soil bactericide/fungicide, is effective against common tomato diseases including Phythophthora Blight, Root-Knot Nematodes, and Bacteria Wilt. This according to research trials completed at the University of Georgia’s Department of Plant Pathology.


The first study evaluated the efficacy of TerraClean 5.0 against Phytophthora Blight and Root-Knot Nematodes. Results showed that the use of TerraClean 5.0 reduced the incidence of both diseases and also significantly increased tomato yields.

The objective of the second study was to trial TerraClean 5.0 against Bacterial Wilt on tomatoes. TerraClean 5.0 reduced the disease incidence by 50%. It also significantly increased the tomato yield.

TerraClean 5.0’s powerful Advanced Peroxygen Chemistry penetrates soil and suppresses pathogens. It also releases oxygen into the soil which helps stimulate plant growth, root development, and nutrient uptake. TerraClean 5.0 can be used through drip tape at any stage of plant development. For more information and full research studies, please visit